April 2020 Update

Sequence Care Group is a wonderful vibrant organisation comprising of three parts, Sequence Care, Progress Housing and Liaise Loddon. The services across the Group work collectively but retain their own unique personality. We invite you all to learn more about Sequence Care Group by visiting each of individual websites within the group: https://www.sequencecaregroup.co.uk/ https://www.progresshousing.com/ https://www.liaise.co.uk/ We are especially proud of …

A message from Bruno Saltor Grau

With everyone struggling without the beloved football, Premier League superstar Bruno Saltor Grau of Brighton and Hove FC has a great message for superfan Mark!

A message from Mr.Tumbles

Darren has been a huge fan of Mr. Tumbles, so much so Mr. Tumbles has made a special video just for him! Check it out below.

A special letter from The Queen!

Our wonderful service user Nicole received a very special gift in the post, a letter thanking her from her majesty! Nicole sent a letter addressed to the queen wishing her an amazing Easter.