Outcome focused services

Each individual at our residential homes in West Sussex has their own unique and personalised plan reflecting their needs and aspirations. Through implementing this plan, each person is enabled to achieve their full potential and live a happy, richer life.

We are focused on providing the best possible opportunities for people to maximise their potential and the opportunities available to them. Our aim is for each person we support to be happy in our residential homes and live fulfilling richer lives.

  • We listen to each individual’s experience of our care homes, alongside their families and professionals supporting them, to ensure we are flexible and responsive to their needs. As a result of this approach, we believe our service is continually improving and adapting.

  • Our Framework for Quality Assurance means that we continuously evaluate the practices and services in our care homes in order to develop and improve.

  • Our Safeguarding Framework ensures open, honest and transparent reporting. Protection plans are produced to highlight specific areas in each person’s life that require particular attention. We are always quick to react to any incidents and learning is shared across all services. We strive to offer the best service possible to each person we support and believe our robust risk management process is second to none.

  • We support each individual’s development by using therapeutic interventions that are evidenced to aid with skill-building. All therapy undertaken is documented as part of each person’s care plan.

  • Our innovative Therapeutic Care Pathway model has been developed to provide each person we support with structured goals and outcomes.

  • Our support team have extensive experience at helping people with complex and varying needs. Their continual involvement ensures that assessment and interventions are the right thing for the individual and help each person to reach their goals.

  • Our staff undergo an excellent training programme and we invest in their development which results in an experienced and committed team.