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Lene Vessey: Sequence Care Group MDT Lead & Lead Occupational Therapist
Phone: 07884588754
Email: [email protected]

Lene Vessey works as our Senior Management Lead overseeing all elements of our therapeutic work. She also clinically manages our Occupational Therapy Team. Within Sequence Care Group we are proud of the skilled service we deliver supporting people with complex learning/mental health needs and Autism. Our ability to provide this skilled service is based around our therapeutic care model of which Lene and her team are fundamental architects and mentors. We invite you to read this short series of questions and answers which draw out Lene’s perspectives and help in getting to know us a little more.

What are the main advantages of Sequence services having access to an in-house specialist therapeutic team?
“A SCG goal is to provide high quality care within a sector where service expectations are constantly increasing in complexity and demand. The main advantage is that it allows our Service Users, Families, external working partners and our internal multiple staff teams seamless and immediate access to expert input from PBS,SALT and OT on a daily basis. This enables us to provide a pro-active and responsive service, particularly to those with complex and changeable needs”.

What are the challenges to providing support to people with complex learning or mental health needs or Autism?
“The biggest challenge in provided excellent services within a complex settling, I would say it’s like anything that is fun or worth having, there is never a straight forward answer and the work we undertake is rarely straight forward but definitely worth the investment to see people thrive. The people we work with and support, both service users and staff, are extra-ordinary people and it’s a wonderful and privileged place to be”.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?
“The first things that come into my mind is that I enjoy the challenge of providing a model of shared/delegated leadership in a work setting that juggles a range of expectations, such as service delivery, professional development and commercial responsibilities. However, what I enjoy most of all and it has always been one of my primary motivators, is to help the people we serve to live fulfilling, independent and meaningful lives, despite the challenges they may face, whatever that may be. To help service users and support staff in multiple teams to find creative and innovative solutions to often very complex life problems. To be in a position to provide the support and guidance that can so significantly improve the wellbeing of both, I find profoundly rewarding”.

In your experience what are some of the key factors in enabling the best outcomes for the people you support?
“As anything within this kind of setting there is never a straight forward answer and that is what makes it a super exciting and wonderful place to be. For me at the top of the list is always focus on STRENGTHS and not weakness. Service user’s lives should not revolve around areas of weakness but should be cemented in their areas of strength. Nurture the activities where they excel, have an excess of patience and have fun with it, that way you will not only get the best out of the people that receive support, but also staff/colleagues”.

If you were given one wish and could change anything within the care sector or your particular role what would that be?
“Increase resources and opportunities’ available to service users”

Further information about Sequence Care Group
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